Aircraft Insecticide

ASD Aircraft Insecticide is a non-flammable aircraft insecticide formulated according to WHO recommendations and based on the active substance 1R-trans phenothrin. It is used for inflight cabin disinsection based on the WHO recommended ‘Blocks away’ or ‘Top-of-descent’ spraying disinsection procedures.

It is a convenient and future-proof product that is guaranteed 100% tested safe for passengers and crew safety and contains a propellant with a 99,9% lower Global Warming Potential compared to alternatives.

  • 100% safety tested

  • 99.9% lower emission

  • EU BPR registered (all countries)

  • EU F-gas Regulation conform

  • Global Warming Potential < 1

Product info
Available in

40 g one-shot / multi-shot
60 g one-shot / multi-shot
100 g one-shot / multi-shot


AMS 1450

Union Authorization under the European
Biocidal Products Regulation: EU-0024297-0000
Valid for all (27) member states of the EU + (4) Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


Use in accordance with:
- WHO specified disinsection procedures (Pre-departure – Top of Descent)
- ICAO Cabin Operations Safety Best Practices Guide (Section 18.1)
- IATA Medical Manual - ICAO Annex 9

Discharge rate: 0,8 – 1,2 g/s
Spray ratio: 35 g/100m³:
o 40g can will treat 144 m³ of air volume
o 60g can will treat 171 m³ of air volume
o 100g can will treat 285 m³ of air volume

For further information on quantities of aerosol cans per model of aircraft, don’t hesitate to contact us.

General info

Formulated in accordance with WHO recommendations.

1R-trans phenothrin = d-phenothrin

Aero-Sense is ISO 9001:2015 certified
Aero-Sense NCAGE Code: B8132

one-shot multi-shot actuator

European Biocidal Product Authorisation


Aircraft Insecticide ASD holds an approval for sale and use in the entire European Union (all 27 member states), as well as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and the UK. That means:

  • No matter in which EU location you need aircraft insecticides delivered, we can ship it to you
  • No matter which EU country the product needs to be invoiced in, we can meet your request
  • No matter the destination in the EU, your product can be used on the flight and will be accepted by the Port Health Authorities upon arrival
  • In case of forced diversions to alternative airports in another EU country, no issues are expected with the Port Health Authorities

Ultra-Low Global Warming Potential


Aero-Sense exclusively uses propellant Solstice® HFO-1234ze for its entire aircraft insecticides range. This propellant has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) lower than 1.

More and more countries worlwide are ratifying the Kigali Amendment, a legally binding agreement to gradually reduce the use of HFC's. With a product with an ultra-low GWP, you are prepared for a future in which high GWP products are banned.